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Doctor Who
I must admit, Series 5 left me kind of cold: while I love Pond, 11 was too much of a goofball for me.

But *man* -- Series 6 starts with a bang. I think I'm already more hooked on this season than any of the previous ones. And I do appreciate the implicit confirmation in the credits that Doctor Who is really about the companion, which I've maintained since Series 1. Not to mention that Dr. Song is getting more interesting every time she shows up.

Kudos to Moffat: this is one of the most unsparing looks at time-travel I've ever seen, finally getting into the subtle personal horrors of the concept. My biggest problem with last season was that it too often didn't make *sense*; this time it does, and the results are really quite nasty...

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Agreed. I'm really looking forward to this one... possibly watched between my fingers at times. :)

I'm not a fan of eleven, either (ten was my doctor). And yeah, series 5 was kind of meh. But series 6 has started off in a much more promising (if darker) way, and I look forward to seeing where they go with it.

I'm reserving judgment on the ep until I see part 2; but I do kinda wish that the Doctor had been played by somebody else right at the beginning, especially if he's supposed to be that much older, just so we can see Amy start to understand how alien he is.

This has nothing to do with Doctor Who, except that it reminded me - you will have Pillars of the Earth inflicted upon you at some point.

I'm not even remembering what that is...

I don't mind 11, per se -- some of the quirks he does remind me of 3 (Jon Pertwee) and thus he occasionally succeeds at conveying being a much older being in the body of a young man (something 10 rarely did). That being said, I think Smith's chemistry with the other actors is _terrible_ and I regularly find myself thinking how much better Tennant was at building a convincing rapport with the other characters (which I chalk up to the fact that Tennant has done a _lot_ of stage work). To be fair though, I adored 11 in the two-part Series 5 finale.

Of actors that were reportedly being considered to replace Tennant (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7808762.stm), I was hoping for Chiwetel Ejiofor, who I've loved in a multitude of things. Of course, if I was all-powerful, the actor I really want to see tackle The Doctor is Bill Nighy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Nighy), who was supporedly on the shortlist before Chris Eccleston landed 10.

See, I really like Smith, and was quite sick to death of Tennant by his second season. Ah well. Different strokes and all that.

I was actually underwhelmed by the premiere, mostly because when it was over, I realized that not much had actually happened. Plus, I feel no suspense over the resolution of the big event from the beginning of the episode. Of course it's not permanent! Eh.

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