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Date Grab: Memorial Day
As part of bringing a little "normal" into my life, I've decided to hold our traditional Memorial Day Party this year. Those of you who have been there know what to expect; those who haven't, it's a fairly traditional BBQ, open to anybody who wants to come, on Memorial Day proper. (Monday, May 30th.) It'll start somewhere around 2pm and run into the evening -- those who are returning from Panteria/Roses/Quest are encouraged to come by for a while and relax on your way home. Thoroughly unstructured day, out in my big backyard; this is the one party that kids are specifically welcome at (although I ask that they be closely supervised when inside), and lawn games and toys (and maybe a few more chairs) are strongly encouraged.

The party is potluck. I'll be firing up the grill, and will provide some basic meats and veggies, and some starting soda; you're encouraged but not required to contribute some food or beverage.

If the weather sucks, we will still have a party indoors, but I expect it to be a quieter and smaller affair of gaming and schmoozing. If it is not actively raining, though, we'll be outside.

RSVPs are encouraged if you're reasonably confident that you can make it, but if you don't get around to deciding until that morning, I still encourage you to come.

Hope to see you there!

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I will very likely be there, assuming transport works out.

Drat! I am flying back to Chicago from Providence that morning at 11:50 AM.
(My nephew's Bar Mitzvah is that weekend). I would consider staying an extra day, but we have to get back to rehearsals :(

Amanda and I are looking forward to it.

It might be time to post a reminder about this.

Yep, I was just thinking the same myself...

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