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Okay, now I'm officially hooked again (no spoilers)
Staying away from details, but -- yeah, that's Doctor Who at its absolute best. I'm still not 100% sold on 11, but the writing absolutely sings in the conclusion of the season opener. It manages to get as creepy as Blink in places; it squeezed exhiliration and terror and heartbreak all tightly packed inside an hour; and as always happens, the more you scratch the surface of the story, the more hooks you realize they've left for the rest of the season.

There are two delicious gotcha moments, and both worked exactly as I prefer it: I figured out what was going to happen just about five seconds before it actually did. (If I figure it out sooner than that, it's *too* obvious, but there's an odd thrill to being just a hair's-breadth ahead of the story.)

Rory is growing some real depth; I'm gradually falling for Amy as badly as I did for Rose; and River is turning into an increasingly appealing mystery. After a Season Five that I found a bit flabby, Six is showing a lot of promise. Any TV episode that actually manages to leave me jittering is a fine story...

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I have to say, I'm a bit disturbed that of all the U.S. presidents, it's that one who got to ride in the TARDIS.

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