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Interest in a dumb movie today or tomorrow?
I seem to have both Monday and Tuesday evenings free at the moment. I am morbidly curious about the Thor movie -- the costumes look incredibly cheesy, but finding out that Branagh is a longtime fan of the comic does make me wonder what he's done with it. (And while they clearly get a lot wrong, it does sound like they at least are focused on some of the more important themes of the comic -- in particular, Thor's origin story of cosmic frat boy brought literally down to Earth.)

So -- who's up for a movie outing? My preference would be here in the suburbs (either the AMC Burlington or the Showcase Woburn), somewhere in the 7-8 range on Monday or Tuesday, but if there's a particular hue and cry for someplace in the city instead I might be persuaded. Speak up if you're interested, and we can see if something gels...

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I do want to, but I can't until this weekend.

I'll certainly be seeing the film, but I doubt it'll be today or tomorrow.

D'oh - I just saw it over the weekend. If I had been thinking ahead better, I would have selected Fast Five instead, the other movie my hosts were interested in. Lots of people here are willing to see Thor, but I don't think many are interested in the Fast and Furious franchise...

Sadly, although it was cute, I do not believe I can sit through it a second time.

Andy and I saw it yesterday, and I can attest that it is indeed a fun flick. Loki, in particular, was excellent in it. We saw it in 2D, and I don't feel like I missed anything other than a headache by skipping the 3D.

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Two Paws up from us.

Not as Action/Adventure as we expected.

KB did a good job translating both the original myths and the comic story lines into the movie.

As has been said, Loki is done very well. Not evil, just twisted. Plots within plots within plots, and able to turn on a dime when the situation changes.

Nice callbacks to the hardcore comic fans and the usual silly Stan Lee cameo. Also, look close at the folks around town, there is another more subtle cameo there too.

I could do this. I should be able to make either today or tomorrow. Poke me if a solid plan comes together.

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