Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Interest in a dumb movie today or tomorrow?

I seem to have both Monday and Tuesday evenings free at the moment. I am morbidly curious about the Thor movie -- the costumes look incredibly cheesy, but finding out that Branagh is a longtime fan of the comic does make me wonder what he's done with it. (And while they clearly get a lot wrong, it does sound like they at least are focused on some of the more important themes of the comic -- in particular, Thor's origin story of cosmic frat boy brought literally down to Earth.)

So -- who's up for a movie outing? My preference would be here in the suburbs (either the AMC Burlington or the Showcase Woburn), somewhere in the 7-8 range on Monday or Tuesday, but if there's a particular hue and cry for someplace in the city instead I might be persuaded. Speak up if you're interested, and we can see if something gels...

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