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Mistress Caitlin's Closets Unlocked
Now that we're down to the last week, a reminder that this Saturday and Sunday will be the big clothing giveaway at Susan's house. I'm not going to push any specific people to come, but seriously: this *is* what Jane wanted. We will give the leftovers away to charity, but Jane always preferred that her stuff get used by friends who could make use of it. (Explicitly in a few cases, but the general theme was clear.) One of the better ways to honor her (and help me) is to give a good home to all this Stuff that she had so much fun buying.

So please take the suggestion to come on by, especially if you're anywhere in the 12-18 size range. (And if you are shoe size 7-8, there are a truly amazing number of shoes, many of them rarely or never worn.) And don't be shy about how much you take: there is literally likely to be on the order of half a rack of clothing per person who shows up. (Indeed, if you take most of a rack, we'll just *give* you a rack: I have nothing to do with them.) Pickings will be best on Saturday -- you could outfit a high-quality department store with what we have now -- but I suspect that there will still be plenty left on Sunday...

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(Deleted comment)
Hi! This is Susan, at whose house this extravaganza is taking place. What kinds of clothing are you interested in, and (more specifically) what size do you take? (I know part of the fun is looking, but I would be happy to take digital pictures of something you might be interested in, and then mailing it to you. Jane would be pleased if you had some of her clothing.)

Send me direct email at susan@crossert.com and we can discuss it!

Susan, this is Kristin. Could I get directions please?

I am trying to avoid posting directions to my home on the Internet. Please email me directly at susan - at - crossert.com, and I will be happy to send you directions.

I'm sorry I don't live closer.

Sigh. I'm the right size, and Jane's taste suites mine to a T so this would totally be worth another drive up, but Sunday is Margaret's first communion so I have a party to get ready for and a dress to finish.

Ah, well -- good luck, and I hope it goes well...

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