Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Mistress Caitlin's Closets Unlocked

Now that we're down to the last week, a reminder that this Saturday and Sunday will be the big clothing giveaway at Susan's house. I'm not going to push any specific people to come, but seriously: this *is* what Jane wanted. We will give the leftovers away to charity, but Jane always preferred that her stuff get used by friends who could make use of it. (Explicitly in a few cases, but the general theme was clear.) One of the better ways to honor her (and help me) is to give a good home to all this Stuff that she had so much fun buying.

So please take the suggestion to come on by, especially if you're anywhere in the 12-18 size range. (And if you are shoe size 7-8, there are a truly amazing number of shoes, many of them rarely or never worn.) And don't be shy about how much you take: there is literally likely to be on the order of half a rack of clothing per person who shows up. (Indeed, if you take most of a rack, we'll just *give* you a rack: I have nothing to do with them.) Pickings will be best on Saturday -- you could outfit a high-quality department store with what we have now -- but I suspect that there will still be plenty left on Sunday...
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