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Anything interesting happening Fourth of July weekend?
I was reminded on Saturday that the Known World Dance Symposium is looming, the weekend of July 1-3. I'm thinking about going -- while that might be faintly silly (I might wind up flying to the Middle on two successive weekends, for Origins and then KWDS), silly seems to be a defining characteristic of my life right now, and I'm not really fighting it.

So: are there any conflicts I'm likely to care about? There's Glenn Linn's annual event, but I only get to that once in while anyway. I'm not aware of anything else offhand, but now's the time to figure it out...

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Are you thinking of going to Origins this year? I'm registered for it already.

Thinking about it, yes -- mindways is going, and I might come along. Good to know that *somebody* else I know will be there: going to something new that's quite that large is always a tad intimidating...

Yeah, this will be my first time there. I expect I'll be spending most of my time in the Board Room playing various board games (got that ribbon and the after dark one)

Yes, I'm figuring on mostly board games as well, although I might do some LARP here and there. (We can introduce you to mindways' new game, which is quite a bit of fun. And I realize that I do seem to be talking myself into it...)

Dani goes to Origins every year. He goes for the board games. I've never been; I enjoy gaming but I'm not ready to immerse to that level. (I'm happy to spend a full day playing games, but I'm not ready for four of them yet. :-) )

ETA: if you were to go, would you be flying or driving? Pittsburgh could be on the way to Columbus...

Edited at 2011-05-10 03:34 am (UTC)

Flying, I'm afraid -- just can't afford the extra time off to drive...

FWIW, last year I ran into 2-3 Boston-area folks I knew in the Board Room[1], plus a couple from the DC LARP crowd elsewhere. I didn't spend scads of time hanging out with them[2], but I certainly could have.

[1] = Not including thomascantor - we went to the con together, so that doesn't really count.

[2] = They weren't close friends, I can always game with them in Boston, and part of my purpose in going to cons is to meet non-local gamers (both as professional networking and personal pleasure).

The only two things I'm aware of that weekend are:

1. Picnicon - a local half-house-party / half-con event that runs on the weekend of the Fourth. This, you might be interested in.

2. An acrobatics intensive with some folks visiting from the west coast. This, I'm guessing not so much. :)

...though I see that Picnicon 2011 hasn't been announced. Hmm, should check and make sure it's happening...

Picnicon *is* interesting (since I know a fair number of the people involved), but likely doesn't trump KWDS, especially since I haven't made it to the latter in a few years now...

PicniCon is most certainly happening - it usually gets announced next week, but what the heck, I'll put in the announcement tomorrow after I run it past Viv.

As usual I will be floating in the river at Glenn Linn, which has the side effect that I have no idea what else might be happening as I've ignored it all.

Origins will be fun.

Contata's that weekend, but you don't filk AFAIK, so 'sall good.

Well, not seriously anyway. I do actually filk casually (and one or two of my pieces have enjoyed a little bit of vogue in the SCA from time to time), but it's mostly just the occasional bardic circle or postrevel...

Fair enough; I think I've seen you at filksings from time to time, though mostly noticably when things turned to sca songs for some reason. But I doubt we compete reasonably with KWDS.

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