Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Reality starts catching up with the future again

There's a certain satisfaction when you come in in the morning, and find that GigaOM is now echoing what you've been saying for some time now.

As I was remarking yesterday, the Typesafe Stack looks *really* neat; on further reflection, I think this is a brilliant play to push things to Steam Engine Time. The project just plain makes the Scala/Akka ecosystem look fully *respectable* -- combine that with the power players (eg, Twitter, LinkedIn) that have already been investing in it, and you've got a system that an engineering manager can bring to upper management and say, "This will be our platform". (Doubly so now that I notice that the company has Greylock behind it -- they're one of the more respected VCs, with a good record of backing smart companies.)

Now if they'd only fold Lift into the same download, they'd be ready to take Microsoft Visual Studio on feature-for-feature -- similar to Akka, Lift takes the problem of Web Frameworks, and builds on Scala to take things to a whole new level. Combine it with Akka, and you have a development environment that encourages you to build websites that are horizontally-scalable from the outset. That's compelling: being able to move from garage startup to enterprise-level size without radically changing architectures is -- well, not *quite* unheard-of, but unusual.

Prediction: Microsoft will finally ramp up investment in Axum. This is the .NET equivalent of Akka -- not as mature, but following the same basic principles and ideas. It's been a research project, but now that people are starting to pay attention to this architecture, it would be typical of MS to really dive in...
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