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You remember my crack about being able to outfit a department store?
Seriously, we're not kidding. Susan gave me the tour last night, and it *takes* a tour: every room in her house is a separate "department". The dining room is full of t-shirts. One bed is covered with jeans. Two rooms have all of their surfaces covered with stacks of sweaters. The downstairs family room is where nightgowns and such live, and the 2-car garage is *completely* full of racks of dresses and suits. Someone made a crack recently about us having a Tardis secretly stuffed into our closets, and as far as I can tell that *must* be true: I haven't the foggiest notion how all of this fit into our house.

Several people have been shy about the idea of taking stuff that others might want, and the reality is that you're not getting the magnitude of this. It took a full 17-foot truck to move all of the clothing to the house. You're doing Susan and me a real favor if you can give some of it a good home, just so there isn't as much to have to wrangle afterwards.

As mentioned before, the giveaway will run tomorrow and Sunday, 10-5 at Susan's. Drop me a line if you need directions, and hope to see you there...

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I am feeling less shy, thank you for the additional post. Some of the things which are not size dependent might find a home with me, if I can make it out on Sunday.

Please do. There are scarves, barrettes, headbands, some necklaces, pantyhose and knee-highs, hats, purses, shoes, gloves ...

I think you're smaller than I am, and I found 6-7 clothing items that fit me. Check the sweater room (the library at the end of the hall) - there were a lot of items there I would say were sizes 18-20.

Hi, I know which town, but not her actual address. I'm planning on going this morning. Could you send me her address at this username at gmail?


Thank you again to Susan for organizing and hosting such a huge give-away. And Justin, thank you for making sure that Jane's clothes have homes with people who adore them. It's all I can do not to put on the aubergine evening gown and swan around the house, but it's probably not a good idea while making tomato sauce.

This (well without the evening gown or tomato sauce :)

Thank you both so much!

Could you send me the address please? I might be able to make it out there tomorrow.

Does your Comcast address still work? I'll try sending to that...

Okay, as I recalled, that address seems to be dead. Could you send me an email ASAP, so I have an address to reply to? Thanks...

it's the same address at gmail.

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