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Giveaway photos, and yet more racks
Before the great giveaway started, Mark took pictures of the house. Those who couldn't make it, or got there late, might be amused to poke through the album, and see the sheer scope of it all.

There are still a few more clothing racks available, so please speak up if you're interested in one. And Susan's reminded me that there are also four shoe racks, each of which holds about 30 pairs, for those who have a fair number of shoes that need organizing -- same first-come-first-serve policy, so please take them away.

And I should note for those who weren't there this weekend -- this is only part one of getting my hands around life and house. The books are yet to come, along with jewelry and garb. That'll be in another month or two: hopefully they will, like the clothes, find good new homes...

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Um, dibs on the Tardis that this all fit in? We could use an extra 4th dimensional room for our library. :) -- Dagonell

Yeah, I honestly have no *clue* how it all came out of our house...

I was going to ask how many rooms of your house were taken up solely by clothes, shoes, etc... That's pretty amazing.

Seriously! But he should patent the Tardis if he can find it.

You might want to see if a local theatre group or school could use any of the racks no one claims.

Along similar lines, ask the Babydolls if they could use one?

They've already taken one or two.

Possible. There have been noises about Arisia possibly wanting the leftovers, also. But these are retail-grade racks, so I'm not sure whether they're sturdy enough for that sort of heavy-duty use.

(Deleted comment)
Distinctly possible. I figure it'll probably be about 1000 books all told, and some of the heraldic books *may* be among them. But it's going to take another month or two to finish figuring that out.

If they will break down to fit in a sedan, I would take a shoe rack and a clothing rack. (I did not want to drive out just for a clothing rack since I only sort of need one, but I really need to do something about my shoes.)

The shoe racks absolutely break down! They are plastic, and formed in three tiers which snap together. (You can sort of see them in the picture of the shoes.) These aren't the highest quality, but they do hold thirty pairs or so of shoes - with or without boxes.

Sue, could you email me at yevsha at comcast dot net to arrange a time and place for a had-off of two clothing racks? I think Morwenna has already put two on hold for The Boston Babydolls.


I could take a shoe rack.


I'll try to be there for the jewelry purge. If nothing else, I can take old and broken things and repurpose them for belly dance costuming.

If there is still a clothes rack available...i'd be interested.

Whoa. How big did you say your house is? :-)

Not nearly big enough to hold all of that. It's a mystery.

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