Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Giveaway photos, and yet more racks

Before the great giveaway started, Mark took pictures of the house. Those who couldn't make it, or got there late, might be amused to poke through the album, and see the sheer scope of it all.

There are still a few more clothing racks available, so please speak up if you're interested in one. And Susan's reminded me that there are also four shoe racks, each of which holds about 30 pairs, for those who have a fair number of shoes that need organizing -- same first-come-first-serve policy, so please take them away.

And I should note for those who weren't there this weekend -- this is only part one of getting my hands around life and house. The books are yet to come, along with jewelry and garb. That'll be in another month or two: hopefully they will, like the clothes, find good new homes...
Tags: jane
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