Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Lap 6

I started things a bit late and a bit slowly -- I figured that the small kids had all the energy at 6pm, so they should take the early laps. I'm the night owl, so I'd mostly focus later. So when they got to the Luminaria Lap at 9pm or so, I'd only walked five laps around the track so far.

The Luminaria Lap was painful but effective ritual. Each member of the crowd was given a glow stick. In order, the speaker listed relationships. The very first was for those who had lost a husband or wife to cancer. I took my glow stick, cracked it to make it shine, shook it, kissed it gently and tossed it into the giant Luminaria Bag. Then other relationships: parents, children, friends. The biggest was grandparents: an army of teenagers came forward to toss in their sticks. And then we all shuffled around the track for the Luminaria Lap per se.

None of this is dream sequence (much though it feels it in my current sleep-dep'ped state). Overnight was the Arlington Relay for Life, which we've been prepping for a few months now. Starting at 6pm Saturday, Team Cross Patonce, along with many other teams, began walking around the Arlington High track -- the theory is that there should be at least one team member on the track at any given time, and I think we did reasonably well at sticking to that.

The bittersweet of the Luminaria Lap aside, it was generally a good experience. The weather was a bit meh: generally cool, with a fine mizzle for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. Dan and Eliz loaned us their huge carport for shelter, though, which was an absolute life-saver. We of course all brought far too much to eat and drink. The event itself was generally upbeat, with a *lot* of high school kids participating.

The Team did a great job of fundraising: at the moment, we're at $3996, compared with an initial goal of $1000. (I'm tempted to toss $4 more in, just to make it a nice round $4000.) My thanks to all those who donated: you honored Jane well. And of course to the team members who worked this thing, braving the cold and wet and tired to participate.

Since this was time-based, not distance-based, I have no idea how far the team walked in total. Personally, I walked 51 laps over the course of the on-and-off walk: if we're correct that the track is 1/4 mile, that puts me at a bit under 13 miles. I'm glad to see that -- I wasn't sure I had the stamina. OTOH, I think that was close to my limit, based on my charley horsed legs, so if I ever want to walk the Komen, I'm going to need to practice...
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