Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Reminder: Memorial Day Party tomorrow afternoon

As previously mentioned, I'll be running the traditional Crossert Memorial Day Party tomorrow afternoon at my place. Folks are welcome any time after 2pm, and things will probably run until dark: we'll grill miscellanea, play lawn games, and generally hang out and schmooze with friends. This is a deliberately unstructured and low-stress afternoon, open to all. If you've been away at events the rest of the weekend, this can make a nice relaxer afterwards.

Some notes:

-- The day is very loosely potluck: that is, if you can easily bring something along, that would be great. I will be providing a lot of Starter Meat and some soda; additional drinks, food and dessert are more than welcome. I'm not stressed about it, and if the weekend hasn't left you time to cook or buy, don't worry overmuch: given our crowd, the odds of us running out of food are very low.

-- Folks are welcome to come indoors to grab some A/C when needed, but please don't leave doors open, and keep in mind that this house is owned by a cat.

-- Children are welcome, *but* any children who come indoors must be strictly supervised and managed at all times. (Supervision is a good thing outside as well, but I'm dead-serious about it inside: this house is nothing remotely resembling child-proofed, and is totally full of things both breakable and dangerous. We've had children cause mild havoc in the house in the past, and I'm going to get cranky if it happens again.)

-- It is supposed to be *hot* tomorrow, so please plan accordingly, with hats and sunscreen. This is particularly important this year -- as previously mentioned, the winter moths have done grevious damage to the big maple out back, so there isn't nearly as much shade as usual.

-- Related to that, if you have a popup handy, it might be helpful for you to toss it in the car: I think we'll have to have more man-made shade this year. We *might* set up my pavilion in the back yard (when you fly both the front and back, it provides a good deal of shade), but popups might be easier.

-- As part of trying to apply "low-stress" to myself as well, I'm going to try to *not* glue myself permanently to the grill this year. So a few volunteers to help run grillage would be welcome.

-- Speaking of volunteers: I confess that I haven't done a ton of advance prep here. I could use a *few* people helping me out at noonish with setup: last-minute shopping, cleaning up the carport, setting up tables and drinks, etc. I've already talked to hfcougar; another 3-4 should fill things out nicely. Drop me a note if you're interested.

I think that's the crucial bits. RSVPs are welcome but not necessary -- they help me with the guesswork of how much meat to buy, but if you don't make your decision until 3pm, I still encourage you to come hang out. Hope to see you here...

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