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Friday Meme Time
Okay -- the stressy deadlines of the week seem to be mostly dealt with, and now I have time to play. So, picking this up in the formulation Niki used (I strongly prefer the less-coercive language):

Let me say something nice about you

Comment to my journal and I'll tell you why I think you're great.

It would be nice if you could copy this in your own journal and do it for other people too.

You've chosen the right career, for the right reasons, and are doing it right.

You bring an infectious enthusiasm (one of my favorite qualities) to your chosen art.

Whee! Nice things for everyone.

Your work brightens the day of any recipient.

Sure; say something nice?

Your singing with Lucien is among the most perfectly period moments that exist in the Society.

Music! Loud wonderful music!

You help keep the world silly and fun.

Late on a Friday, elbow deep in debugging, this seems the more appealing...

The temptation is to point out that you're the one person who both can and will give me a good toe-to-toe argument about programming languages -- but that seems to be a bit too work-related under the circumstances. So I'll instead say that you have a fine, and often under-appreciated, dry wit...

Today has been vicious. Meme me, please.

You have a confident common sense -- more than I sometimes think you realize -- that makes the world a better and saner place.

The easy compliment is that you're one of the most beautiful women I know. But I think the important one is that you, more than anyone else I know, have done much to make your chosen art *classy*...

I must ive told you so much about me that im actually curiousIm curious...

So many options to choose from -- and, I hope, more to learn. But let's take the deepest one: I really admire the way that you have decided what you want your life to be, and are moving steadily and determinedly in that direction, overcoming obstacles that many people wouldn't even have tried to approach...

Certainly! You have rare depths of talent and discipline, that allow you to achieve, as far as I can tell, *anything* you set your mind to. I've long admired that...

Your energy enlivens every gathering you attend.

Sure, I'll fish for a compliment...

You've been pursuing your hopes fearlessly; I think that will give you fine success...

You have a straightforward honesty that makes you a lot of fun to hang out with and talk to.