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I feel like a bad Bostonian...
... in that I actually had to *think* for a good five seconds last night, "Why are people driving around, honking their horns and screaming like madmen?", before the obvious answer came to me...

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I'd honk too - "Yay, it's over! I don't have to hear about it for another year or so!"

Ah. I just rolled over and went back to sleep thinking the local Yahoos had gotten an early start on the illegal fireworks this year.

I thought it was sad that the loudest cheers at the Revolution match were for the Bruins.

Hey, I'm happy for you. I'm a Mets fan. Anyone who beats the Yankees gets a cheer from me.

I thought they were playing the Canucks.

I was being playfully ironic, deliberately dense.

Oh, OK. I'm not much of a basketball fan.

The Mets are a soccer team, dumbass. :)

's all right. I'm a bad hockey fan. I didn't even watch the Cup. {: (Let's face it, Bruins/Canucks is not my dream matchup ... I was hoping for the Sunshine Series: Sharks/Lightning. *hides* )

Don't feel bad. You're one of the few sane ones. I've been biting my tongue since last night to refrain from making a snarky remark on Facebook about how many people care about this sports whatsis.

The truth is, I *am* a fan of some sports. (Although not of the "drunk honking" variety.) But hockey has never been high on my list.

(I am, oddly, a football fan -- something I never would have predicted when I was younger. But once I stopped thinking of it as, "A bunch of guys run at each other and fall over", and instead started viewing it as "Chess match between two coaches", it got vastly more interesting to me...)

I'm not at all an American football fan. However, I have an appreciation of it as applied small unit tactics, with short-term objectives.

My brother is part of a mission in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Lots of Americans and Canadians watching at the bar he went to, not a single Haitian.

"Alien crafts hovering over the city" would have been my guess.

When I called to complain about air horns and fireworks at 10:30pm, I had the distinct impression that the police officer on the phone thought I was some kind of un-American heathen for not knowing why someone would be making that kind of noise.

Avaldr had to tell me why.


Honestly, I might not have given one half of a shit about this five years ago. Living with metahacker for so long had caused me to absorb ambient hockey into my bloodstream.

... images of a variant of sickle-cell anemia, except with little tiny hockey sticks...

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