Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

24 years ago today...

... it was beastly hot. She and I were both in long sleeves, of course, but somehow managed to get through the whole day without melting, despite both the ceremony and reception in un-air-conditioned halls.

The wedding was on the cheap by modern standards, although not too bad in the grand scheme of things. Her parents had given us $5000 to put towards the wedding and honeymoon -- we were both very clear that saving money towards the trip to Berkeley was a priority. Fortunately, we were both experienced autocrats by then, and used to working together, and by event standards that was more than enough budget. So we decided where our priorities were and put our money there. (Which mostly meant good flowers and a big cake from Rosie's, plus nice passed hors d'oevres.)

It was a pretty big affair by our standards at the time. We simply invited "everyone" -- open invite, but please RSVP -- and around 150 people came. The SCAdians far outnumbered the family, but that was both expected and fine: we were already deeply bound into Carolingia.

The ceremony was carefully mundane, but generally pretty. Afterwards, my grandmother asked why we hadn't done it in our nice costumes, occasioning a quiet "now you tell us that it would have been okay" between her and me.

Afterwards, Dad took all the relatives out to a nice dinner. She and I went home, unloaded all of the presents, carefully inventoried them and put together a notebook for the thank-you cards (because this was, after all, us), and went off to the friends-only party at Windsmeet. I don't remember many details, save that Kobi was assigned the important ninja task of making sure that her champagne glass was never empty.

I am, by and large, okay -- she's allowed me a new life that is proving to be rather crazy but rather wonderful, and I'm quite enjoying it. But today is definitely an occasion for some bittersweet reflection. Love you, dear...
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