Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Stupid, stupid rat creatures Part 1: DC

I'm not really cranky today, but man - the afternoon was full of Stupid.  So while I wait for Niki to arrive, a few thoughts.  First topic: DC Comics.

I finally did this month's Previews yesterday, and as threatened, it was full of preening about DC's exciting new venture.  52 new #1 issues!  Don't worry about any of that boring old continuity - we're going to throw it all out and start everything fresh! and new! and keen! and full of exclamation points!!!

My reaction, predictably, was somewhere between "Yawn" and "Again?  Seriously?  How many times is it now?"

I confess, they've done me a favor.  I've been getting tired of much of DC lately, buying too much of it out of habit.  Some of it I liked a lot, but of course all those stories are now over.  And it's been crowding out potentially better new stuff.  So fine, this makes it easy - I'm now dropping *all* of DC.  I'm sure that some of it won't suck, but most of it will, and it's all too interconected - it's just not worth the effort.

So all of DC goes *plonk*.  This actually gives me a fighting chance of catching up on my back reading, and maybe, eventually, trying some new stuff.  Probably not what they intended, but it works for me...

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