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Fealty is available for pre-order!
I've burbled at some of you about Fealty, the board game that mindways has been developing. (Which I've been helping to playtest, so I've wound up rather ridiculously enthused about it.) There was a limited "beta" run of the game printed for Origins (which a few of us got copies of); now, the full production run is in process, and they're starting to take pre-orders.

The pre-orders are being handled through Kickstarter, and I encourage folks to pick it up through that: the publisher is using the Kickstarter project to gauge demand and raise capital. The game is going to press one way or another, but if enough orders are generated through Kickstarter he'll have enough funds to double the print run. (If you bought the limited edition, you get a copy of the full run automatically.)

The game is, IMO, pretty excellent: the best *quick* strategy game I know. It takes only about ten minutes to play a two-player game once you know what you're doing, but there is a lot of depth and replayability in those ten minutes. It plays well with 2, 3 or 4 players; even with 4 players, it's surprisingly quick and deep. The best complement I can pay is that I've been playtesting it for much of the past year, and continue to seek it out as one of my go-to games on a regular basis.

I'm planning on bringing my copy to Pennsic; feel free to grab me when I'm at-home in Lochleven if you'd like to try it out. (Okay, it's not period, but at least it's period-themed. And it's a heck of a lot closer to Chess than MtG is. I'll also be available to teach Primero and Seven-Sided Backgammon, to assuage my Laureltude.)

So spread the word, and get your pre-orders in: it would be great to see the Kickstarter campaign succeed, so that the game gets the print run it deserves...

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"I'll also be available to teach Primero and Seven-Sided Backgammon, to assuage my Laureltude."

I thought you got your Laurel for dance. -- Dagonell

Okay, okay -- technically my Manchetude. But I'm actually more knowledgeable about games than dance (IMO), so I tend to lump it all together under the same bundle of Laurel Guilt...

I noticed the photos on the kickstarter page show the boards lined up evenly. Is that new a change or are they old photos?

That's the standard arrangement for the 3-player full game, IIRC: the board offsetting isn't needed in that case, because you have enough orthogonal space. (The offset in the two-player game is necessary because you otherwise wind up too board-blocked against yourself...)

Is this a "grownups-only" game, or is it something that kids could get into also?

I'd say it depends on the kid. It's definitely a strategy game; I'd guess it's a bit easier to initially pick up than Chess or Go, but it does require some thought.

So an older kid who is strategy-minded might well enjoy it, but it's probably over the head of the average child...

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