Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The Scala ecosystem

I haven't enthused about Scala in weeks, so this seems like a good excuse. Those who are curious about the language might want to note a couple of new pages in the Scala Wiki, called "Scala provides..." and "Scala works with ...". The first is a list of interesting Scala-based libraries; the second, some of the major non-Scala environments and libraries that it is in regular use with.

Both pages are very new, and literally growing hour-by-hour, but they're already pretty interesting. The "Scala provides..." page, in particular, is quite cool: an overview of some of the neat stuff happening in the ecosystem, much of which is much more powerful and easy to use than you'll find in most other languages...

[ETA: Things are, indeed, changing rapidly. Since my post, the pages have been renamed "Tools and Libraries" and "Interoperability". Same content, though...]
Tags: programming

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