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Cold: adjective

Definition: that state wherein, even after the boiler has been running at full blast for over four hours, the house is still only about 55 degrees.

It took one thorough panic, two phone calls and about an hour, but once I got the right oil guy he was pretty efficient about it. He didn't even blink -- just (correctly) assumed that the line from the tank was frozen. There's apparently a lot of that going around today. He futzed around with it for a little while, decided that it was going to take some time, and ran back to his home base to get us a five-gallon oil can to run off of for a few hours while he went and dealt with other peoples' crises. Came back an hour or so ago, finally managed to get the main tank functioning again (knock on wood), and quietly vanished.

Still, it's scary-cold today. By the time he managed to get the boiler running on the oilcan (at around 6:30am), the house was down to maybe 40 degrees. And the boiler has been fighting manfully to get it back to a liveable temperature since.

Warm thoughts go out to baron_elric and family, and their slightly incomplete house. It is just too damn cold...

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