Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Fealty preorders getting down to the wire...

... and it's turning into a serious success.

I've mentioned Fealty before, the about-to-be-published board game by mindways. I got to teach a few more people at Pennsic (yay!), although not nearly as many as I'd intended (boo!). But the Kickstarter campaign has been a rousing success -- with about two days left, they've nicely surpassed the success mark, so the initial print run will be a whopping five thousand copies. I strongly recommend the game to anybody who likes strategy: I've generally been describing Fealty as the best *quick* strategy game I know, giving you some real thought in a game that can take as little as ten minutes. So if that's your sort of thing, consider getting a pre-order through Kickstarter: the $35 level gets you a copy including shipping. (Within the continental US.)

Which brings up point 2: the price has dropped. (Yay!) They played around with the production, and managed to come up with a design that works at a $30 price point. This is excellent news: while it felt a bit pricey at $40, I can say honestly that I think it's a fine value at $30.

The game is gradually building more and more buzz -- various reviews are cropping up on BoardGameGeek and elsewhere. And mindways has posted a neat Designer Diary, laying out the evolution of the game (which has a very big-bang flavor: massive changes happening in the first few microseconds, and then slowly settling down into getting it right) -- it's good reading for anybody into game design.

So check it out, and think about a preorder if you like strategy games.

(Disclaimer: I don't have any direct connection to the success here, but I've been playtesting it since the beginning, and am very fond of the game. So I'd like to see it succeed...)

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