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Curia Agenda
For those who are interested, the agenda for the upcoming Curia Regis (at 100 Minutes' War in a few weeks) has been posted online. It's nicely detailed this time around.

On the Baronial Term Limits thing, I still object to the principle of the thing -- IMO, Baronies should have the power to decide this for themselves if they can achieve reasonable consensus, and this still only permits that within restrictions that essentially renders the flexibility meaningless. (Long discussion elided, on the subject of the SCA's version of the nanny state, and the way that removing power from groups tends to make them more peaceful but also less self-reliant and interesting.)

But the proposal is at least a significant improvement over the previous version (two three-year terms instead of one five-year one), and I'm mostly recusing myself from the conversation at this point, on the grounds of self-interest. I encourage folks who have opinions to write to Their Majesties in advance of Curia...

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My solution would be "The Coronet shall have a term of 5 years unless otherwise specified by Baronial Charter". So there *is* a term limit unless there is a conscious decision not to.

I largely concur -- indeed, I've heard more or less this formulation from a number of people -- but like I said, this should be directed to TRM...

It has been so directed.

Oh, and TRM appear to be responding very quickly to email.

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