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Scala Docs site

[Simply reposting this announcement, which should be useful to anybody using or learning Scala. The new site is still a work in progress, but it's already a great place to start for most questions.]

We're happy to announce the (beta) launch of the official Scala Documentation repository, at We're happy to announce the (beta) launch of the official Scala Documentation repository, at http://docs.scala-lang.org.

The Scala Documentation repository is meant to be a centralized, organized repository of many different types of documentation, including:
- Guides
- Overviews
- Tutorials
- Glossary
- Cheatsheets
- Scala Improvement Process documents
- the Scala Style Guide

Two equal focuses of its design are that (1) documents be easy for users to find, and (2) it is as easy as possible for core committers and the community alike to contribute and evolve documentation.

As community involvement is a central goal of the Scala Documentation repository, we urge those that have found holes in current documentation, or areas in which existing documentation can otherwise be improved, to participate and help us to improve that documentation for others in the future.

We are also happy to consider accepting entirely new guides/overviews, tutorials, or cheatsheets.

To submit a document one must simply fork the repository at http://github.com/scala/scala.github.com, add their document to the appropriate location on the site (written in Markdown markup), and submit a pull request.

For more information on contributing, please see http://docs.scala-lang.org/contribute.html

Feedback welcome!
(via Feedback tab on http://docs.scala-lang.org)

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Tags: scala

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