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And then there are the really *bad* slogans
So there I was -- at a traffic light on my way back from lunch. There in front of me is a minivan with a little bumper sticker from what appears to be a teleministry or some such, that shows the usual sort of pretty Jesus headshot, and some text. I peer at the text, and find that it reads,
And on the one hand, you have to admit that that's pretty evocative. OTOH, I doubt that the reaction they were trying to evoke is, "Wow -- what a great title for a bad Hammer Horror flick".

Really, it practically writes itself...

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Sounds like a somewhat more stark version of "washed in the blood of the lamb." I can picture the movie poster now...

You know "War God of Israel" and the unauthorized sequel "The Thing with Three Heads", right? And the underground productions "Zombie: Three Days Dead" and then there was "The Reading of the Book" and "The Magic Glasses", clearly both inspired by but not quite the same continuity, and...

Oh, yeah. Now cross that with transubstantiation and you've got even wackier possibilities...

Or the beginning of a detergent commercial.

I'm having visions of someone standing over Jesus with a knife trying to figure out how they are going to hide the body and come up with a plausible alibi.

"He said he was going to rise again! Come on, officer, let's watch the body for three days and find out if he was lying."

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