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LJ Friends Meme

Lifted from siderea
Which 3 LJ Friends have you known the longest?

Hmm. There are three who go way back. cvirtue was one of my very first friends in the SCA; we met at dance practice, probably my first week in, so that would have been September of 1983. I met msmemory at the demo where I talked her into joining the SCA, in the fall of 1984; we spent much of an afternoon sitting under an oak tree talking. And I got to know alexx_kay when he started at Brandeis, around the same time, although a mutual friend had been mentioning us to each other for a few months by then.

Runners-up are editrx and baron_elric, both of whom I met sometime in my first couple of years, IIRC. (Long before they met each other, I believe.) Actually, it's conceivable that editrx actually comes in at #2 -- I honestly don't remember when they had the tourney in Ballyconn that I met her at...

Is/are your significant other/s on LJ?

Yep, msmemory.

Do you have LJ friends you've never met in real life?

Several. I've probably spent the longest chatting with alienor.

Do you have friends you met first on LJ, then in real life?

Only one I can think of offhand is redsquirrel, who I met at Pennsic last year.

Does it hurt your feelings when someone unfriends you?

I'm not sure that it's occurred. But on principle, the answer is "no". The power of LJ comes from the dynamic nature of the communities in it -- the fact that each person defines the community to suit themselves. IMO, it is a real social harm to hassle people for making decisions about their friends list. And the only way to really prevent hassling is to teach myself, deep down, to regard it as okay.

What would make you unfriend someone?

Deciding that the person just wasn't relevant enough to my life to track them. It's not an insult, and shouldn't be taken personally -- it's just a statement that we're too tangential to each other.

In practice, I've tended to use filters instead of unfriending, though. I can't actually follow all the people and feeds on my friends list -- I just plain don't have the time. So I have my "Daily Reading" filter, which is the people I really try to follow regularly, and several other filters for reading when I can spare the time.

Do you discuss personal information in your LJ?

Some, yes. My rule of thumb is that I never post anything that I absolutely am not willing to have become public. Dear though my friends may be, I've spent enough years online to be extremely cynical about the privacy of anything that gets posted anywhere.

That said, there's relatively little that I'm not willing to talk about publically, so this doesn't limit me too much. This is why the vast majority of my posts are simply "public". The only time I go friends-only is if the topic lives in that political borderland of subjects that I'm willing to talk about publically, but not eager to...

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