Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Please come vote tomorrow

[Context: Carolingia will be holding round 1 of the Baronial election tomorrow evening, at 7:30 at MIT in room 2-105.  This vote is open to Carolingians, somewhat loosely defined: paid members, Council officers, and anyone who has attended a Carolingian event in the year to October.]

This is the hard part.  Campaigning for the group comes naturally to me -- I've been recruiting for the SCA for 25 years, and doing publicity in general for longer than that.  But campaigning for me feels rather odd.

But now's the time to put that aside and be honest: I'd appreciate it if you'd come to the vote tomorrow, and consider voting for me.  I wouldn't be running if I didn't think I was the best person for the job right now -- I've got a lot of ideas of things we should try, but also a solid sense that this has to be collaborative effort.  I wouldn't be the grandest Baron Carolingia's ever had, but I'd be one of the friendlier  and more imaginative ones, and at the moment I think that's more needed.

And yes, I think tomorrow matters, even if nobody's being eliminated.  It's going to indicate the opinions of the people who actually made the effort to come vote in-person, not just the ones with paid memberships.  It's largely symbolic, but we're at a point where symbolism matters.

I want the job: it's going to be hard work for whoever wins, and more than a little scary, but it has the potential to be real fun if approached properly.  So I hope you can and will come tomorrow, and cast your vote.
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