Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Return of the Hidden Castle

What is the sound of a Jaegermonster launched to America by electric catapult?
How many litter boxes are required by an invading army of cats?
Can TransPolyU's Drama Department cause the spontaneous creation of new timelines, through the scientific application of bad acting?
And what is the secret of the Hidden Castle?
These questions and more might (but probably won't) be answered in Girl Genius: Agatha Heterodyne and the Perfect Construct!

This four-hour LARP was originally run (twice) at Intercon G, and was a fine romp. Next year, as part of Anna and Becky's fundraising for the Komen 3-Day Walk, we will be re-running it. The game will take place on Sunday May 6th at Camelot. The game is for 27 players (tentatively, pending rewrites); we hope to do two runs.

We'll be talking it up steadily in the coming months, but I encourage folks to put it on their calendars, and sign up as soon as you are able, at http://arbradley.net/collectInfo.html. Casting will begin in a few months, with an eye towards giving those who are interested a couple of months for costuming.

Spread the word, and hope to see you there...
Tags: larp

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