Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Okay, now I'm officially over the commitment hump

I finally got to pull out Amplitude, one of my Christmas presents and a game that I've been waiting for for a long time. This is the sequel to Frequency, probably my all-time favorite game, a sort of fingers-driven version of DDR.

IMO, the original was slightly better -- they spent a lot more time on glitzy graphics this time around, which is probably good for sales but I just found them a distraction. And they made a conscious decision to broaden the musical selection, which again should broaden the appeal, but personally I found the electronica-heavy original better.

Still, the sequel is better than anything else I've played in ages. And the sequel gets the difficulty levels right this time, so that a wimp like me can get a lot further in the game. Ah, relaxation through a good beat...

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