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The trauma of style changes
There. My previous thread turned into a complex enough discussion to finally break the camel's back.

For many years now, I've been using a highly-customized but antique style for LJ. AFAIK, the base style doesn't even exist any more, and mine has been hand-patched repeatedly to keep it running. Finally, a week or two ago, comment indentation suddenly stopped working, making my comments pages very difficult to read.

So I've finally given up and moved to a modern style. Still slightly tweaked here and there (for instance, I like being able to tell whether a conversation has new comments), but just a little extra CSS on top of a major theme, instead of a big custom blob.

None of which matters to anybody, unless you read comment threads in my journal and don't force your own style on them. That now works properly again. Might get a bit more tweaking (I don't love the pink on the comments page), but it's functioning properly...

[ETA: ... okay, the style had been working for *me* for many years. Apparently it's *never* worked for many other people. I had no idea. It must have been doing something right at the edge of HTML-legal, I guess...]

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To be honest, I haven't ever been able to see comment indentations on your journal. I just had to keep track of what color on the comment meant which layer, which could (and did) get hard.

Really? Huh -- I hadn't realized that was broken for some people. What browser do you use? It was working for me in Firefox and Chrome until a couple of weeks ago...

I've used IE, Firefox and Safari over the years, and haven't seen indents, ever. I just figured you had some eccentric reason for it.

How very odd. There must be some sort of environmental difference, but no clue what it might be...

My experience was exactly this, regardless of browser or platform, for as long as I can remember.

Yeah, me too. I just thought it was your thing.

(Deleted comment)
I am terribly amused -- you've picked the same style that I recently switched to.

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