Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

A couple of recommendations

It occurs to me that I have tabs that have been sitting open for ages, to remind me to recommend great works by friends.

First up is the book Forgotten, written by unicornpearlz (aka Lady Jane Milford, aka Niki, who many of you know from the months when she lived up here). It's a very neat historical novella of the American Revolution, telling the story of Abigail Jones, who finds herself working in the medical tents of the Continental Army. It's quite realistic, and can get rather dark at times, but it's a compelling (and sneakily educational) read.

Note that the above link is to the Kindle edition. There is also a paperback edition available, but Niki points out that the Kindle version costs less to buy, and she gets considerably more money from it. So if you have a Kindle, go for that -- it's win-win.

Over to a completely different kind of thing: I've burbled about the game Fealty from time to time over the past year. For those who have been waiting to see the end result, it's now available! Here are the ordering details, passed on from mindways (the game's author):
A number of people have asked how they can get their hands on Fealty, now that the full print run has arrived. There are two ways:

1. Via your local brick-and-mortar gaming store. If they don't have it in stock, they can get it from GameSalute.com by signing up as a store (http://www.gamesalute.com/selectstores) if they aren't already. They can then order through the GameSalute website at store rates (50% of MSRP). If they have any questions, they can contact Asmadi Games [asmadigames@gmail.com] or Dan at GameSalute [salute@gamesalute.com].

2. On the internet, at http://shop.gamesalute.com/collections/asmadi-games/products/fealty or http://asmadigames.com/detail_fealty.html.

Fealty is not available via deep-discount online retailers: this is a conscious decision on the part of the publisher (with my buy-in) to help support brick-and-mortar gaming stores. But at $35, Fealty is already extremely competitive on price, so hopefully that won't slow sales any!

Feel free to share this information as desired.
I'm an unabashed fan of Fealty: the highest compliment I can pay is that I've been playing it since the early playtests, and I still enjoy pulling it out. It's a surprisingly deep game, with a real strategic "hit", but very fast to play -- Eric and I can often play through a game in under ten minutes.

So if you enjoy board games, this one is well worth picking up: it's a solid favorite of mine. If you enjoy strategy games, it's an absolute must-have, but it has neither complex rules nor brain-breaking intricacies, so any board gamer would do well to check it out. And feel free to grab me to play with. (Or to teach the game: I spent most of Origins teaching it, so I've gotten fairly good at that.)

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