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8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees
This week's haul of pointers from LinkedIn includes this fine little article in Inc. I'm a bit biased, but I love the list -- it describes rather well the way I try to be on-the-job...

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Huh - I don't think I've ever worked anywhere that promoted these things. Public praise? HA! Praise happens in emails, if you're lucky.

Proving others wrong? Nah, that's what the status quo is for.

Meanwhile all of these rules explain my academic journey. No wonder I like academia better than business.

I find that these rules tend to hold true in *good* startups. They're far from universal, but companies that encourage these sorts of things are companies that I want to work for, by and large. (And they've been true of most of the startups I've worked at.)

You have been very fortunate that way. Perhaps moreso than you realize.

It's an advantage of being in the right industry, frankly. Small software startups are often founded by fairly geeky types, with less respect for How It's Done and more of a tendency to experiment; as a result, they're more able to find these sorts of truths.

(Of course, they often forget them by the time they become big companies. But I'm usually gone before then.)

cool article. I'm lucky - my current employer (Weston Solutions) does a pretty good job of valuing most of those traits. Interestingly it's not a start-up. It celebrated it's 50th anniversary 2 years ago, although there was a reboot about 10 years ago where they took the company from being publicly traded to being private, and employee-owned.

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