Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

TRoOB Ratings Scale

I'm beginning to post occasional entries of TRoOB -- The Review of Obscure Books. This is an on-again, off-again comic book review column that I've been doing occasionally for about fifteen years. It was originally created to highlight obscure independent comics that I didn't think were getting enough attention; over the years, it's broadened to review pretty much anything I feel like, good or bad. Reviews here are going to be strictly at whim.

I do finish every review with a grade. In the interests of clarity, here's the intended scale:
AThe creme de la creme -- the reason I read comics in the first place. These are books that I recommend to anyone who thinks that comics are a valid medium for literature. (Yes, there is an A+, but it is reserved for the true landmarks of the field: stuff like V For Vendetta, Maus, or A Contract With God.)
BSolidly good reading, which I would recommend to anyone who finds this book's genre at least somewhat interesting. Well worth the time.
CI find that this book is worth my time; then again, my standards are lower than some peoples'. Remember, I read something like 75 titles a month. Decently entertaining, and worth a look, but nothing to write home about.
DI bought this, but I'm having trouble justifying the expense. I probably won't be buying it in the future. Generally not recommended.
FAvoid at all costs. The canonical example is Secret Wars II, for those of you who have been around long enough to remember that...

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