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State of the Justin

Haven't written a personal update in a fair while, so it seems time. In no particular order:

The main focus of life these days has been Kate: we've been dating for most of a year now, and have found ourselves in Deep Schmoop. It's really quite delightful, and we've been spending the bulk of our time together. I took last week off from work to straighten out my head, so we basically spent the whole week together, and wound up mostly wanting to spend *more* time together -- one of the better signs of a strong relationship.

(And we've recently discovered that we very much like gaming together. But I need to find a good card-shuffler for Dominion: Kate's wrists can't tolerate the constant shuffling that the game demands. There seem to be a lot of automated shufflers around, but mostly intended for 2-6 full decks; I need one that does a decent job with as few as 20 cards. Recommendations welcomed.)

Work has been so-so. The company is doing extremely well -- indeed, I'd say that it has finally completely hit its stride, and is moving from strength to strength -- but suffice it to say there was a management decision that affected me personally, that I am cranky about. (Hence the head-straightening week.) Haven't decided yet whether it's time for me to move on -- there are still projects I'd like to accomplish at Memento, but it really isn't a startup any more, and I'm a startup guy at heart.

Jedi is well, if occasionally a bit cross at how much time I am spending at Kate's. I'm trying to make sure he gets as much quality time as I can give him.

Still don't know who won the Baronial election, and getting asked about it quite frequently. Hopefully Kingdom will get us an answer soon.

Spent yesterday pretty sick, with fairly ordinary stomach-flu symptoms plus what seems to be called "sulfurous belching". Seem to be okay today -- quite weak and stiff, but no more diarrhea or vomiting -- but kept myself largely quarantined in case I'm still contagious. That one really just qualifies as a minor annoyance, I think.

Intercon was solidly fun -- I played one game and AGM'ed two, which seems to suit me well. The one I played was Dog's Tales from the Securemarket, which proved to be a complete hoot. I was "cast" -- essentially horde, but with a primary character that I played for about half the game. That primary was basically the local archaeology professor; I didn't have anything for costume, so I focused on body and voice instead, playing him as the dotty old kook who is *way* too fond of Cool Old Stuff, with no sense of self-preservation. ("There's been a ghost sighted? How *delightful*! Here's is my card -- please give me a call if he comes back, so I can interview him about local history!") My horde characters ranged from a local hoodlum trying to vandalize the market, to the lich father of one of the characters. ("Look at you -- barely making anything of your life! You are descended from a long line of evil sorcerers, and you aren't even *management*!")

Friday evening, I AGM'ed Viv's Nonary Game. Fascinating little game, but definitely one for people who like puzzles more than I do: some of them were viciously complicated, and I was astonished that the players managed to work through them -- I would have been just plain stuck most of the time.

And Sunday morning, I AGM'ed tpau's re-run of my old game, Panel: The LARP. That was somewhat undersubscribed -- it was designed for 30 or so players, and only had about 15 -- but I was pleased to see that it went well anyway. With fewer players, there was less of people waiting for the right opportunity to pull in their character, and more sheer chaos of everyone just jumping in. (It was actually twice as loud with half as many players -- interesting dynamic.) Since everyone was playing so hard, we simply did it more traditionally horde-style, letting folks exchange characters when they were tired or when the GM's wanting to inject some new and different craziness. After this run, I'm concluding that the game "boxes" extremely well -- I really should write some GM material and release it into the wild.
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