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The relentless rise of Mobile
From this week's LinkedIn trawl comes this fascinating slide deck from Business Insider. It's basically an examination of the mobile market, with some thoughts about where it is going. Most of it is interesting but not surprising, but one slide does set me back on my heels a bit:
It took AOL 9 years to get to 1 million users.
It took Facebook 9 months.
It took "Draw Something" 9 days.
Sometimes we find that we are living in science fiction. Only this time, it's the business side more than the tech side. This reminds me of nothing so much as some of the speculations from 2000AD about fad culture and where it was going...

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Angry Birds Space to 10 million users, 1 day.

Fair point, although I think a direct sequel like that is a little *too* apples-to-oranges -- that's an awfully big leg up...

I kind of wish it hadn't been so game-oriented. It sort of undermines the important message about the explosion of mobile devices and treats them if they are hardly better than toys. Of course, the business-savvy will pick up on the opportunity immediately.

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