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I'm slowly continuing the Great Book Project, which is going to result in a huge book sale in September -- pruning through both her books and mine, figuring out what I can easily part with. And almost every day, it contains revelations.

For instance, today's: I just found two books of poetry in her hand. Most of it collected by various great authors and songwriters, but about a third of it hers. Not high art, mind -- it appears to have been written when she was 16, and is mostly love poems about her then-boyfriend John (and his cars) -- but still, immensely personal stuff, full of personal truths. And I don't think I ever knew that she'd written a poem in her life. She always claimed that I was the creative one, and that she wasn't.

The only moral I can draw is: share who you are, while you can. Every day I do this project, I come up with more questions that I wish I'd asked her, had I but known to do so...
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