Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


I shared this on FB a few hours ago, because it was the easiest way to do so, but folks here might be interested: I just came across Rizzoma, which is essentially an open-source successor to Google Wave. Still in fairly early beta and somewhat limited, but good to see -- if they can do a good job, it might reduce my sense of needing to try the CommYou project again. They seem to be focusing in on the collaborative-project use cases: not really where my focus for CommYou was, but probably a savvy analysis of the sweet spot of the Wave-style features.

It currently requires a Google ID to log in (like CommYou, they seem to be working with other peoples' social networks instead of trying to build their own), and currently requires Chrome to use, although both of those are on their roadmap to widen.

I've created a sandbox thread to play in. Y'all are welcome to come noodle around in it, and we can collectively get an idea of what the feature set currently looks like...
Tags: commyou, technology

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