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More Kickstarter games
Following on from the Rhythmomachy set that I pointed to last week, the lastest interesting Kickstarter item is The Reliquary Set.

This one is not fully funded yet, because it's on the pricey side, but it's extremely pretty. It is a set of 12 board games throughout world history, re-created with what look to be high production values. The sets are made with natural materials -- laser-etched leather boards and wooden/stone pieces -- so they look pretty SCA-ready. Two of the games (Brandubh and Mill) are solidly SCA-period; a bunch of the others are from outside the SCA's core area but are old enough, so well-suited to folks with less-standard personae. (Anything from Indian to Mayan to Russian -- they really cover the bases very widely.)

Very neat stuff. I'd buy the complete set if it wasn't so expensive; as it is, I'm considering at least buying a few of the games. Worth looking at for any SCAdian gamer. Or generally, any board gamer who wants to expand their horizons -- these games are chosen specifically because they are each very different, and all are pretty different from modern board games. Expensive, but lovely stuff...