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Swing and a miss...
On the one hand, the spammers are getting smarter, trying to make their spams more engaging and personal, by including my name in the Subject line.

On the other hand, some helpful idiot, somewhere along the line, decided that my name was "Joseph duCoeur", and has been propagating that to all the other spammers. So the end result is that a large amount of spam is even *easier* to recognize and discard confidently than it used to be: essentially, any email whose Subject starts with "Joseph" is spam...

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I loved the one I got this morning, telling me my email account was over quota, and signed by Alison Walters, System Administrator.

Um. No. Try again guys...

I love getting that one. No-one has any authority over my mailbox unless they also wear my underwear.

Heh. "I'm over quota? Time to order a bigger disk from Newegg."

Yup. And many of them claim to be webmail-related. Sorry, no. (I do have gmail, but a message from gmail admins would be a bit more recognizable.)

I get messages like that, addressed to Denis.

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