Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Memorial Day Party!

Okay -- I did a date grab some time ago, but let's make this more official:

I will be holding the traditional Crossert Memorial Day Party on Monday, May 28th, at my house in Burlington. Y'all are invited -- as always, this will be a relaxing afternoon out in the back yard without a ton of structure. Folks returning from events or other travel are encouraged to drop in and decompress. Children are welcome (and there's lots of room to run around), but should be supervised.

The party will start at 2ish and run until everyone goes home. If weather is bad, we'll move inside and have a quieter day of schmoozing and games.

The day will be light potluck, as usual: I will provide some grilled meat, and I encourage folks to bring sides, chips, desserts, drinks and so on. (But if you decide at the last minute to come, and can't bring anything, come anyway: we've never had a shortage of food.) My old grill is Mildly Kaput, so I need to buy a new one ASAP, but we'll assume that I manage to deal with that.

RSVPs welcome if you know you are coming (helps reassure me that there will be people there, and figure out how much meat to buy), but not required -- come if you can make it. Drop me a note if you need directions.

Hope to see you there!
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