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A quick note or two:


The Memorial Day party is on, rain or shine - I don't expect a lot of rain, but if it showers we will retreat inside to the air conditioning and I will grill under the carport.


I've laid in a lot of hamburger and sausage, a few chips, a case each of Guinness and hard lemonade, and a very large chocolate cake.  More sides, drinks, desserts (and chairs) and so on would be welcome, but mostly I'd welcome your company.


The party starts at 2ish and runs until at least 7.  Hope to see you there!



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Apologies, but I think we aren't making it. The kid took an extra, super-long nap, and we are meant to be elsewhere late this evening. Hope it's fun!

Thanks for a lovely afternoon bit even though we couldn't stay long.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there. There was that meeting this afternoon and with the new and improved amount of drive time it just didn't make sense.

I forgot about it! But I didn't have any easy way to get there from here anyway.

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