Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

I've had fun before, and this ain't it (TMI)

Ever since Celebration ran, I've been wanting a day off from work, and not getting it. MLK Day was supposed to be a holiday, but my boss made clear that she would be happier if folks deferred it until after the release. A week ago Sunday, I was supposed to have a nice quiet day, but got called into work to deal with a crisis, and so on.

Yesterday, we finally released the gold candidate to the beta users, so for my purposes the release is basically done. And today, I'm out from work. You'd think I'd be happy about it, right? Uh-uh.

The queasiness is combined with a bone-deep exhaustion; the chills are presumably due to the low-grade 100.4 fever. At about 10:30am, I remarked on how incredibly slowly I was getting myself ready for work because I felt so sick, and then realized how stupid that statement was. So I got undressed and climbed back into bed for three hours -- not sleeping, just shivering tiredly.

Five minutes ago, I threw up the Pepto Bismol that was the only thing I've put in my stomach today. So now I'm awake, but rather nervous about my choice of drinks. (Eating doesn't look smart right now.)

Bleah. I have a nasty feeling that the food poisoning that msmemory had on Tuesday evening may have been something quite different...

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