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When you're on the phone for SCA purposes, and you tell them that it's "medieval"...
... make sure you spell it for them. No, really. Insist on it.

This public service announcement brought to you by my hotel reservation for the Known World Heralds and Scribes, which the national chain's computer insists is the "Mid Evil Study Conference"...

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oh, wow. I hadn't really planned on going to KWH&S, but a Mid Evil study conference... that sounds hard to miss! Is there a Top Evil study conference, too?

Yes, but it's Pelicans only. :D

Oh, good. And clearly logged by someone without a wide-ranging education.

As a tangent, some discussion list I was on pointed out that the concept of "the good scissors" (the best shears for cutting cloth, etc) necessitated the existence of "the evil scissors."

Evil scissors will only cut polyester?

This happens in Kalamazoo hotels all the time--even though the Medieval Congress is heading for its 50th anniversary.

I encountered this while starting in the SCA in Georgia, the state that needs to import about 50% of the people needed to do the jobs in the state requiring college degrees. "It means the Middle Ages." "Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?"

Sigh. I'd heard of this happening in other situations, and hope it was SCA urban legend.

re: Mid Evil Study Conference

I thought the Mid were our allies this year...

Wise words.
Got asked "You're one of those Mid-EVIL-ists, aren't you?" at a Giant Eagle near Pennsic some years back.

That's the same reason several of my friends (Adults who are 35+ mind you) parents think that their kids belong to a Satanic cult. It has nothing to do with the Satanic Church of America, also the SCA. It's the fact that they told their parents that they are in a Medieval Re-Enactment society. And it's right there in the title you see - Mid-Evil.

*manically cackling along her day* So much funny so little day.

I'm suddenly flashing back to a comment I once read advising Canadians crossing the border into American for Pennsic call it historical camping because Bush uses the word "evil" a lot and they don't want to be confused with him.

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