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No content, just buttons
Just got around to reading the LJ News Update from last week, which has yet more interesting stuff. (Somewhere along the line, LJ clearly decided to start investing in development again.) From that, I found out about the newish LJ-Like feature, which is more or less LJ's answer to sharing.

So, purely as an experiment in new features, I present what should render as silly sharing buttons, at least the one I care about. Feel free to click on them, if you feel like trying sharing of LJ entries via this otherwise pointless entry.


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(Deleted comment)
Interesting. That's apparently the newest part of it -- the "like" buttons have apparently been around for a bit, but this version of "repost" was just added last week. And it sounds like it's not working as described:
If the original entry author has used this new <lj-like> method of including a repost button, reposting that entry will display in your latest entries as a post by the user who originally posted the entry.
Sounds like it may not be ready for prime time yet...

(Deleted comment)
Hmm. Okay, so perhaps not broken, but still a little half-baked...

Hmm. When this was reposted by laurion, I had a moment of cognitive dissonance as I wondered why this was showing up in my feed twice.

It took some hunting to find the "reposted by". Non-ideal UI, I think.

Yes, I did it as a test, and that 'reposted by' at the top is small and unintuitive. It should be much 'louder' like the way Twitter handles these things, with a clear indicator that it is a repost (RT). Oh, wait, Twitter started phasing that out and making me ask why I'm seeing tweets from people I don't follow....

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