Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Weekend Evaluation

I occasionally describe my personal religion as "Minbari". That has an element of reality to it, in that I like the attitude of the Minbari discussions of religion on B5. This weekend had a certain element of that attitude. To paraphrase those fine Minbari philosophers, the Rolling Stones: "The Universe doesn't always give you what you want, but it sometimes gives you what you need."

On the one hand, Friday sucked in the worst way. It was going to be the first day of getting back to real work, after something like two months stuck in release-cycle hell, and I instead spent it shivering in bed. And I'm going to long regret missing University yesterday -- from what I hear, it was an excellent event all around.

On the other hand, I suspect that a weekend of enforced inactivity was probably exactly what I needed, both physically and psychically. For two months now, I've been bemoaning my stress levels and lack of free time, and declaring that I would take a little time off Real Soon Now. Well, despite having spent Friday horribly ill and yesterday pretty under the weather, today I'm feeling better than I have in quite a while.

It'll be a while, getting all the stress out of my system -- several months' worth of it doesn't dissipate in three days. But it's a good start. If I can remember to keep de-stressing steadily for a time, I'll probably feel genuinely human again (as opposed to feeling like a brain-dead zombie) in a few weeks...

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