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Is anybody else having problems with Google Talk/Chat this morning?
When I logged in, a few minutes ago, I had the damnedest time getting GChat to connect. (Via Pidgin, which is how I always read IM.) And now that I'm finally logged-in, it claims that only four of my friends are there, which is unheard-of -- I usually see several dozen people on GChat at any given time. So I'm wondering if there's a widespread problem, or if it's just my laptop...

[ETA: dsr pointed me to the relevant status page, which confirms that things are a bit hosed. But I notice that a lot of people seem to be gradually getting in now...)

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It might be a browser problem. I'm having the same issue with Firefox, but not with Chrome.

No, almost certainly not -- I use it from Pidgin, which is an entirely separate app, not in the browser. Whatever's wrong is lower-level. (Although it could possibly be some sort of protocol problem, and Chrome is excessively forgiving of something going wrong...)

Oddly, Chrome is hit or miss with my different accounts. I have chat with my work account, but not with my personal account.

Thanks for the link, I sent it my office to let them know what's going on.

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