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Save the Date: The Great Crossert Book And Stuff Sale! Sept 29/30
As a lot of you have heard, I'm slowly divesting myself of Stuff, pursuant to eventually selling the house in Burlington sometime next year. To that end, I am having The Great Crossert Yard Sale, on the last weekend of September.

The main focus is books -- vast, huge numbers of books. 893 at current count, and I'm still sorting stuff quickly: the plan is for the sale to include about 1500 books, and much of it is very high-quality, with a lot of depth in topics ranging from history to science fiction to heraldry to cooking.

There's also going to be lots of other stuff: garb, CDs, perfume, and a bunch of other miscellanea. (Yes, a bunch of it is Jane's stuff looking for a good home, although a lot of my stuff is also going to be included.)

Yes, I know the date conflicts with Endgame. Sorry about that, but there's no such thing as a free weekend. (And it's better than conflicting with Coronation.)

So please mark it on your calendars, and come on by. I expect to run it both Saturday and Sunday, probably in typical college book sale fashion: something like $2/book to start with, and finishing up with buck-a-bag on Sunday afternoon once the very best stuff has been picked over.

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(Deleted comment)
Ah -- I *think* they are in a paper bag on the sideboard (this sounds familiar), but yes, let's talk after Pennsic...

what time? i am busy sqaturday but may want to try to come before my other thing...

Haven't really decided yet -- "all day" both days, but I probably won't pin down exact hours for a while yet. What time is your other thing?

Oh, and I have a pile of books earmarked for you that should get to you before then. (Mainly duplicate cookbooks.)

noon i think. and OOOH :P

You should have a preview on Friday for proteges and apprentices.

Um, I mean, you should really let us come over and help you get set up for that.

Heh. But actually, yeah, the help will likely be welcome...

Mmmmmmm. Booooooooks. :-)

Just a reminder to please pull out my Indian clothing/sari wrapping book. (You noted Jane had two, which turned out to be because she was still holding mine after she bought her own copy.) Thanks.

Yep -- it's noted in the list...

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