Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Freecycle: Sofa and Cushions

As I start to clean out the house, I'm beginning to Freecycle a bunch of stuff. By and large, I'm going to post those here for a day before I offer it to random strangers. I encourage friends to take stuff, but note that you're responsible for coming and picking it up, and I'm going to expect that to happen reasonably promptly.

So to begin with: there's this sofa standing on end in my garage. It was our Family Room sofa (downstairs, in front of the fireplace) for a number of years; before that, it belonged to Jane's folks. We tossed it into the garage when Jane got sick (and needed that room for her hospital bed), and it's been there ever since.

The sofa is light green and blue plaid, and it's full-length. (So it's almost floor-to-ceiling in the garage.) Last I checked, it was in generally good condition and reasonably comfortable -- however, it is *bathed* in cat hair, so if you're allergic it will need a good cleaning. (It was one of Jezzie's favorite places to hang out, so at least taking some duct tape to it might be useful: the black fur is pretty visible.)

Unrelated to that: when Niki moved up here, we failed to move her big sleeper sofa, which simply couldn't fit into the truck. However, we'd already packed the cushions by that point, so they wound up in my storage unit, and she didn't want them when she moved back down.

So I have two big bags full of sofa cushions. They're generally brown/red, large and squishy. Some are the actual cushions for the sleeper itself, some are big throw pillows. If you have use for big pillows, either as throws or for people to sit on the floor, please come take them away. (Strong preference given to someone who takes the lot.)
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