Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Pennsic Miscellanea

Busy with many things (today focused on The OP Compiler Project), so I haven't written up much about Pennsic yet. But a few memorable moments, while I think of them:

Ajax' Knighting -- *quite* the todo. I don't think I've ever seen an award ceremony show up on the main Pennsic Events Schedule before. (I missed the first few minutes, which I gather means that I missed a bunch of sponsors, but was there for most of it.) His chain, with links from each Knight who visiting his vigil, was the longest I've ever seen -- more a baldric than a chain. The carved stone (marble?) "scroll" looked magnificently right.

Gate Duty -- tpau finally prevailed on me to do a shift at Troll with her mid-week; since I wasn't doing anything important the next night, I did another myself. By that point (after most people had arrived), it was pretty relaxing, a nice change of pace from War Week. One or two minor crises that I got to help resolve, but I was generally impressed by the new checkin system. (And not a little surprised: as first releases go, it's better than most. And the debacle on the second day of War turned out to have little to do with the new software.)

Quarriors -- once again, I was a bad Laurel, and did nothing to teach period games to the camp. Instead, I happened to pick up a set of Quarriors, which I'd noticed at Origins last year, and had been meaning to investigate. I had mainly intended to get it for home (it's a lot like Dominion, but with dice instead of cards, so theoretically should be easier on Kate's hands), but the kids in camp discovered it and fell utterly in love with it. I'd originally tried to require that an adult be playing with them (the game has 100+ custom dice, which I really didn't want to lose), but they wanted to play almost constantly, so I gave up. They proved to be reasonably responsible, fortunately -- most of them were good about putting everything away each time, and didn't lose any dice in the mud.

Mud -- in the grand scheme of things this wasn't a bad Pennsic, but we had a bunch of damp days. A couple of fine downpours, and apparently a really serious Act of God the first weekend. (I heard tales of lightning arcing around the campsite.)
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