Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Diseases as birthday presents; or, The Revenge of Slartibartfast

There's something horribly emblematic about getting a prescription for Prilosec (or equivalent thereof) on one's 39th birthday. Acid reflux is a very 39 kind of illness. And right now, "acid" is pretty much the word that's commanding most of my attention.

This is apparently a holdover from last week's escape attempt on the part of my innards. I was working on a mild case of reflux to begin with, probably because of upping my caffeine intake due to the release at work. On top of that, as best the doctor can figure, Slartibartfast caused a "relaxation of the esophagal sphincter" -- and let me say, that phrase triggers a remarkably strong "eww" reflex in me -- turning the slight reflux into a major problem.

*Sigh*. She figures it'll be a few days on the scrip before I feel better, and a few weeks after that before I am better. Could definitely be worse, but it's definitely not an optimal way to spend the day...

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