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Fun with SCA Names

So the Great OP Project continues to trundle along, and is going fairly well: I'm now parsing about ten years' of court reports, and all of "A" from the alphabetical list. I've added concepts of where awards come from, and lots more.

Today's project was The Name Synonym system. I've gotten tired of staring at all the duplications and mis-aligned entries in the data due to misspellings, typos and whatnot -- a fair number of cross-references are given in the original files, but a *vast* number aren't.

This project is driving home just how much raw *gruntwork* is involved in cleaning up this mess. I've just spent the past three hours going through the A's in detail, and finding at least most of the obvious errors. It's instructive in showing how big the job is, so I've included the current state of the synonym file below the cut.

Mind, this is just the errors I found in the A's. There's probably as much again for many of the subsequent letters. (Although, blessedly, most letters are smaller than A.)

How to read this: each line represents a Person. The beginning of the line is the "best" name for this person that I've been able to figure out. (Preferably the registered name; otherwise, my best judgement based on the data.) After the "==" are the other major names that this person is known by, which should have cross-references to them. After the "||" are the typos and other relatively trivial variations that don't appear to be worth a separate entry. Keep in mind that I tracked down every name in there by hand; it's a fair task.

A'isha bint Jamil == || Aisha bint Jamil
Aaron Peregrine == Aaron of Ma'ale Giborim || of Ma'ale Giborim
Achilles son Asia == Achilles (von Drachenklaue); Hanse von Drachenklaue
Adhemar de Villarquamada == Morgan de Villarquamada || Adhemar (formerly Morgan) de Villarquamada; Adhemar de Villarquemada
Adolphus Benner == || Adolphus Brenner; Adolphus Xavier Benner
Aegis von Drachenklaue == Aegis of Mountain Freehold || Aegis von Drachenklaue (of Mountain Freehold)
Agnes Edith Godolphin == || Agnes Godolphin
Agnieszka Mlynarska == || Agnieszka Mylnarska
Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin == || Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin
Aife ingen ui'Lochain == Aoife ingen ua'Lochan
Aildreda de Tamworthe, called Dreda == || Aildreda de Tamworth (Acclamation music performed at Coronation); Aildrede de Tamworthe, called Dreda; Aldreda de Tamworth; Aldreda de Tamworthe; Aldreda de Tamwurthe
Ailill mac Ferchair Ui Diarmata == || Ailill mac Ferchair ui Dhiarmait
Ailís inghean Mhuirghein == Morgan Arianblaidd || Ailis inghean Mhuirghein
Aine ingean Ui O'Tuathail == || Aine ingean ui O'Tuathail; Aine inghean Ui O'Tuathail
Alaric Jager von Bremen == || Alaric Jager von Bermen; Alarich Jager von Bremen
Alaxander MacBlackrose == || Alaxander MacBlakrose
Alaxander an Chobhlaigh mac Lochloinn == || Alaxander Maclochloinn
Alayne Alexandra Nyvern, Nightwatcher == || Alayne ALexandra Nyvern, Nightwatcher; Alayne Alexandra Nyvern Nightwatcher
Alberic von Rostock == || Alberic von Rosstock
Aleksandr Ruslanovich Yevsha == || Aleksandr Ruslanovich Kievchanin "Yevsha"; Aleksandr Ruslanovich called Yevsha
Aleksei Dmitriev == || Aleksei Dmitriv
Alessandra Francesca di Milano == || Allessandra Francesca di Milano
Alesone Gray of Cranleigh == || Alesone Gray; Alesone Gray of Cranlegh; Alesone Grey of Cranleigh
Alethea Eastriding == || Althea Eastriding
Alexander Clark == || Alexander Clak
Alexander MacGregor == || Alexander Mac Gregor
Alexander MacLachlan == || Alexander MacLaughlin
Alewyn of Twae Linnes == || Alewyne of Twae Linnes
Alexander Younger == || Alexander the Younger
Alexandra Krakkensdottir == || Alex (Krakkensdottir); Alexandra Krakensdottir
Alexandra Maria de Granada == || Alahandra Maria de Granada
Alexandre Lerot d'Avignon == Alexandre Lerot d'Avigne
Alexandre Saint Pierre == || Alexandre St. Pierre
Alexis of Woodsend == || Alexis of Wood's End
Alfonso Pontelli == || Alfonso Pontinelli
Ali Abbas al Gazzaz == Arab Boy || Ali Abbas al Gazzaz (called Arab Boy); Ali Abbas al Gazzaz, called Arab Boy
Alia Marie de Blois == Marie de Blois || Alia Marie de Blois (aka Marie de Blois)
Alianor of Ravenglas == || Alianor de Ravenglas; Alienor of Ravenglas
Aline Kinneir == Aline Ankyrmayden Kinnear || Aline Ankyrmayden Kinnear (*Aline Kinnir); Aline Kinneir (Aline Ankyrmayden Kinnear
Alise Queneby == || Alise Whenby
Alison Winter, called Absentia == || Alison Winter; Alison Winter (called Absentia
Allesandra Corti == || Allesandra Conti
Allesandra de Burgos == || Allessandra de Burgos
Allura Rayne McKeoch == || Allura McKeoch
Alys Attewater == || Alys Atwater
Alys Mackyntoich == Ailis Catriona Mac an Toisich || Ailis Mac an Toisich
Amber Stormwolfe == || Amber Sturmwolf
Amina of Songhay == Amina (of Settmour Swamp)
Ana Ravaya de Guzmán == Ana Raquel de Guzman || Ana Ravaya de Guzman; Ana Ravaya de Guzmán (Ana Raquel de Guzman); Ana de Guzman
Ana Ximenez de Hume == || Ana Ximinez de Hume
Ana bhec inghean ui Fearghail == || Ana bhec ighean ui Fearghail
Andre Kirlov, of House Wilmot == || Andre Kirlov of House Wilmot
Andreas der Eisfalke == Andreas Eisfalke von Ulm || Andreas Eisfalk
Ane du Vey == || Annet de Vey called Ane; Ané du Vey
Aneleda Cyntheria Falconbridge == || Aneleda Falconbridge; Aneledia Cyntheria Falconbridge
Angus Campbell of Argyl, the Tailor == || Angus Campbell of Argyle, the Tailor; Angus the Tailor
Angus Kerr == Angus Pembridge || Angus Kerr aka - Angus Pembridge; Angus Penbridge - aka Augus Kerr
Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon == || Anna Ophelia Holloway
Anna la Claire == || Anna le Claire
Annabell Marr == || Annabell Mar
Anne Meckil von Salm == || Anna Mickel von Salm
Anne of Framlingham == || Anne of Framingham
Anne von Hellestal == Ann of Bright Valley; Suikazura || Anne von Hellestal (aka Ann of Bright Valley, aka Suikazura)
Anselm de Salignac == || Anselm d'Salignac
Anssem van Rienen == || Anssem van Rienan
Anton LaFlamme de Saint Aubin == || Anton LaFlamme de St. Aubin; Anton le Flamme de St Aubin
Anton Winteroak == || Anton of Winteroak
Antonio Patrasso == Antonio Patriquin || Antonio Patrasso (was Patriquin)
Aodhan O Dunlaing == || Aodhan Dunlaing
Aoefe ui Dhonaill == || Aoefe (of Smoking Rocks)
Aoife inghean Conchobair == || Aoife ingen Conchobair; Aoife inghean Conchobar; Aoife inghean Conchobhair
Aonghas Mac Labhruinn de Brus == Angus de Bruce || Angus MacClarion de Bruce; Angus McClarion de Brus; Angus mac Labhruinn de Brus; Angus the Bruce; Aonghas mac Labhruinn de Brus
Appolonia Alikonis == || Applonia Alikonis
Arcadius of Carolingia == || Arcadius
Ardenia the Red == Ardennia Arouadh || Ardenia Arouadh; Ardenia Aruadh; Ardenia the Red (Ardennia Arouadh
Arianwen ferch Lawen == || Arianwen ferch Llawen
Armand de Crecy == || Armande de Crecy
Artemas le Beau == || Artemis le Beau
Arthur Watson == Artorius Watson || Arthur Watson ("Artorious"); Arthur Watson ("Artorius")
Asbjorn Johanson == || Asbjorn Johansen
Asgar Rolfes sune == Asgar Roulfson || Asgar Rolfes sune - aka Asgar Roulfson; Asgar Rolgson; Asgar Roulfson - aka Asgar Rolfes sune
Astrid Olafsdottir == Astrid of Eisental || Astrid Olafsdatter; Astrid Olafsdattir; Astrid Olafsdotter; Astrid Olafsdottir (*Astrid of Eisental)
Atreides Coridan == || Atreides Goridan
Aurelia du Vrai Coeur == Aurelia du Coeur Sincère || Aurelia du Coeur Sincere
Aurelia da Calabria == || Aurelia de Cabria
Auriana Filia Germani == || Auriana filia Germani
Avice Greylyng == || Avice of Greylyng
Azure Brennan == || Azure Brennen
Katerine FitzWilliam == Aikaterine FitzWilliam; Aikaterine Lukanina || Aikaterine FitWilliam
Violante de Rojas == Althea de Grimm || Althea de Grimm -
Áedán mac Tigernáin == Aedan MacTiernan
Ælfwine Akeworthe == Aelfwine Akeworthe
Ælfwythe Goldenmane == Aelfwythe Goldenmane
Æthelstan Saint Maur == Aethelstan Saint Maur
Æðelðryð (Aethelthryth) Kenricing == AEdeldryd (Aethelthryth) Kenricing; Aethelthryth Kenricsdohtor; Aethelthyrth Kenricing
Ása in Svarta == Asa in Svarta || Asa in svarta
Ávaldr Valbjarnarson == Avaldr Valbjarnarson || Avaldr Valbjarnsson
So far, Sir Aongus takes the prize for the most complex problem -- I had to go chasing hither and yon to find all of the variations of his name, and longer to prove to myself that they were all the same person. (Which is essentially a giant logic puzzle, trying to line up the alpha list vs. the court reports and try to find correlations in the dates. Once I have more data in place, I'm going to semi-automate the process...)
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