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The Great Crossert Book and Stuff Sale draws nigh...
X minus about two weeks, and I am still culling at high speed.

Reminder to all: on the weekend of Sept 29/30, I am going to be selling off a *vast* number of books. I'll be opening my house by 10am each day, and selling until 3pm or so. On Saturday, the books will be a good but reasonable price -- something like a buck for mass-market paperbacks, up to $5 for some of the better hardcovers. Sunday morning, I'm planning on cutting the prices in half, and Sunday afternoon we'll go into "take 'em away" mode, at something like $5-10 for a whole box.

The sale is going to wind up even larger than originally planned -- I'd targeted 1500 volumes, but I'm up to 1461 so far, and that's only a third of the way through the science fiction and fantasy. I'm being pretty strict about the SF/F (since the collection is so overwhelming), so I expect there to be close to a thousand books for sale just in that category. (Not to mention hundreds of mysteries, including nearly every mystery involving a cat ever written.)

Along with that, there's going to be a lot of other stuff. We'll be giving most of Jane's garb away -- in the case of the garb, I care mainly that it goes to people who will actually use it. And those who remember her wonderful taste in clothing may also remember that she had similarly great tastes in accoutrements: there will be a large number of necklaces and a *huge* number of earrings.

So please -- put this on your calendar and come on by. I would *really* prefer not to dump these books on a library, honestly -- it's a high-quality collection, and I would far rather that it go to SCAdians and other friends who will make good use of it...

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We met at Arisia/Masonic Lodge meeting, I believe

Currently, your link for librarything goes to a page that automatically shows a logged in user their library.

Says user tpmp

Re: We met at Arisia/Masonic Lodge meeting, I believe

Yeah -- the ways of LibraryThing are mysterious, and it looks like I got the wrong version of that link initially. I fixed it on some of the reposts, but forgot to fix it here. Now done; thanks for the reminder.

(And yes, we met at Lodge at Arisia...)

Re: We met at Arisia/Masonic Lodge meeting, I believe

I found the right link, by looking at some of your older posts.

Are you getting rid of the book on the alchemical symbols that I read while I was up there? I know it's not all that descriptive, but it basically lived on my nightstand for 3 months. If so, I'll send you # to mail it to me. I hate that i don't have that book and think of it ALL THE FREAKING TIME... but I don't remember what it's called. Made of suck.

Hmm. I *think* I know which one you mean, but we'll have to check. It wasn't on the planned list, but if you have that much use for it, I'm probably willing to pass it on: by and large, the point here is to make sure books have the right homes, and while I find the book interesting, I haven't used it that much...

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