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Signal Boost -- Lunch with Carolingia Fundraiser

Some of you have already seen this on the Carolingian mailing list or Facebook group, but for those who haven't -- we've got a big fundraiser going, to raise money to buy some official Baronial Coronets. It's a clever idea: a bunch of folks have volunteered to prepare lunches for lucky winners of the opportunities. It's a great collection of cooks, including LJ friends tpau, ladysprite and learnedax.

Here's the official blurb -- I recommend checking it out:
What day is not improved by an excellent lunch? For only a $5 donation, that day could be *your* day!

Unlike most of the rest of the Baronies in the Kingdom, Carolingia does not have hereditary Baronial coronets. In order to raise money to make our Barons and Baronesses all shiny and heraldic-y, we are offering the chance to win one (or more) of twelve beautiful, delicious luncheons prepared by some of the Barony's most accomplished cooks and delivered to an upcoming event of your choice. There are lunches of all kinds, and you may donate as often as you like for as many different chances as you would like - roast goose from the cook's own backyard...Roman market finger foods...a dessert feast...and many more, most for 4-6 diners. A bargain at $5!

The fundraiser runs right up until September 30, and the drawings for the winners will be held at Council on October 1.

Donations can be made through the fundraiser's website at http://www.lunchwithcarolingia.org - bid early, bid often, and good eating!
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